REf kids + family • National premiere
Clédat & Petitpierre

I sogni di Antonio

I sogni di Antonio
November 10th - 11th 2018
Saturday 10th - 5 pm
Sunday 11th 12 + 5 pm

7 y.o. and up
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 00153 Roma
up to 12 y.o. € 7 • adults € 10 to 15

I sogni di Anontio (Antoine’s Dreams) is an adaptation designed exclusively for younger children, taken from the show Ermitologie presented during the REf kids + family.


The visionary and the vision are the characteristics at the heart of the French duo’s performances, remaining to offer young spectators access to a fantastic universe inhabited by imaginary figures.


The hermit Antoine lives in a golden cave decorated with miniature landscapes. This man-sculpture interacts and dialogues with a Palaeolithic Venus or with strange animals that have escaped from a painting by Max Ernst. From this dialogue comes a fantastic dream aimed at stimulating the perception of the young audience, in a perfect union of theatre, painting, sculpture and extremely playful moments.



Ricordami questo evento 2018-11-10 17:00:00 2018-11-11 20:00:00 Europe/Rome I sogni di Antonio Clédat & Petitpierre Mattatoio Romaeuropa

Duration 40′

Concept, Staging, Sculptures Yvan Clédat, Coco Petitpierre With Erwan Ha Kyoon Larcher, Coco Petitpierre, Sylvain Riéjou Set Stéphane Vecchione Lights Yan Godat Photo © Martin Argyroglo