I listen (you) see
Hamdi Dridi

I listen (you) see

Prima nazionale
I listen (you) see
October 9th 2019
Mattatoio - Teatro 2
from € 8 to € 15
Formula Passepartout

In order to create I listen (you) see, Hamdi Dridi is inspired by the movements and bodies of Tunisian manual labourers, in direct contrast to those of the dancers. The choreographer creates a performative score in which the most trivial gestures merge with hip hop, pop and rock, in a practice that, through sheer exhaustion, allows the gestures of the workers to transform into pure dance.


Creazione: Hamdi Dridi
Distribuzione: Hamdi Dridi, Houcem Bouakroucha, Feteh Khiari
Creazione luci: Carlos Molina
Progetto avviato durante la formazione presso l’ICI-CCN Montpellier-Occitanie

Produzione: Cie Chantiers Publics /Hamdi Dridi
Coproduzione: 2018/2019 Montpellier Danse,  Bonlieu-Scène Nationale Annecy, Ballet National de Marseille, Théâtre National Tunisien RINGRAZIAMENTI Hafiz Dhaou, Fattoumi Lamoureux, William Petit, Dominique Prime et Philippe Verriele.

Wednesday 9 21
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