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De Stilte


De Stilte, a Dutch dance company engaged since 1994 in the creation of children’s shows, translates the fantastic and surreal world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland into movements and music. The dance recounts the metamorphosis that Alice experiences during her journey, by offering the audience of young and old different and novel ways to interpret this cornerstone of European literature.


de Stilte is a professional dance company in the Southern region of the Netherlands, that focuses entirely on developing productions and performing for children. We perform hundreds of shows every year, for both the public and for schools. Education is an integral part of de Stilte’s activities. Since our foundation in 1994, we have expanded to become the most attended youth theatre producer in the Netherlands (2013).


Coreografia: Jack Timmermans
Immagine scenica: Martijn Hohmann, Bart Mostart, Bert Vogels
Musica: Timothy van der Holst
Costumi: Rianne de Witte, Wiktoria Czakon
Light design: Uri Rapaport


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