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Lorenzo Ponte, Clio Saccà, Eleonora Paris, Marco Sinopoli, Maddalena Massafra

Can you hearT me?

Can you hearT me? is the winning project of the second edition of Macerata Opera 4.0 under 35, of which Romaeuropa is a partner. Born from the encounter between the direction of Lorenzo Ponte and Clio Saccà, the music of Marco Sinopoli, the dramaturgy of Eleonora Paris, the videos of Fabio Brusadin and the choreographed movements of Francesca Cervellino, this work tells the story of Orfeo, a musician and son of a society consumerist who urges him to bulimically desire new objects and partners. So he conceives of an erotic relationship with Agave, a girl he meets on sexchat. This liquid vortex of desires turns him into a prisoner unable to understand the world outside of his existence.


Project coordination: Maddalena Massafra
Direction: Lorenzo Ponte, Clio Saccà
Music: Marco Sinopoli
Dramaturgy: Eleonora Paris
Light Design: Alice Colla
Multimedia installation: Fabio Brusadin & Marco Battista
Video direction: Francesco Bolognesi, Michele Cardano
Scenes and costumes: Giulia Bandera
Choreographed movements: Francesca Cervellino
With: Valentina Ghelfi, Benedetto Patruno and Annapaola Trevenzuoli
Live performance: Alice Cortegiani (clarinet), Livia De Romanis (cello),  Gianluca Manfredonia (percussion), Samuele Telari (accordion)
Euridice’s voice Daphne Nisi
Sequences for strings quartet Quartetto Mitja
Telari (accordion)

winning project of the second edition of the Macerata Opera 4.0 competition

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