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National Premiere
Digital Live

October 11th - 13th 2024
concerti e teatro musicale - digitalive - musica


Participatory sound action for a plurality of calcio-balilla players and live electronics

Calcio balilla, biliardino, fubalino, calcetto, calcino, pincanello, subotto, footbalino, foosball: these are all names that identify one of the most involving, tactile and sonorous games of modernity. A game almost a hundred years old that activates a universe of perceptions and that, from the point of view of sound, constitutes a veritable hotbed of materials and ideas. Foosball is a sound action that intends to recreate the typical atmosphere of a foosball tournament by immersing the listener in a 360-degree soundscape, almost as if he or she were standing right on the glass court of the game. The set consists of three foosball tables in a row, with the audience surrounding them, which is, in turn, surrounded by loudspeakers. The score of the action takes place in about 180 minutes. It articulates several formal moments where the audience and competitive players can take turns participating in several real games. The game’s sounds (blows, thumps, shouts, voices) are captured, processed, transcended, and diffused in the stage space to create an immersive environment in constant mutation.


Founded by Luciano Berio in 1987 Tempo Reale is now a point of reference for artistic research, production and training in the field of sound and new musical technologies. Since its establishment, the Center has been involved in the realization of Berio’s works, which have led him to work in the most prestigious concert settings around the world. The development of criteria of quality and creativity derived from these experiences has reverberated in the work conducted continuously with both established composers and artists and young emerging musicians. The main themes of the research reflect an idea of multifacetedness that has always characterized Tempo Reale’s choices and initiatives: the conception of major musical events, the study of the soundscape and live sound processing, the experiences of interaction between sound and space, and the synergy between creativity, scientific expertise, and executive and didactic rigor. Since 2013, Tempo Reale has been an Entity of Relevance for the Performing Arts of the Region of Tuscany.


Concept: Francesco Giomi
Planning and sound design: Agnese Banti, Simone Faraci, Francesco Giomi
Computer project: Andrea Trona, Francesco Vogli
Live electronics: Simone Faraci
Sound direction: Francesco Canavese
Moderator: Agnese Banti
Competitive FIGEST players – Calcio Balilla: Sergio Ciampone, Lorenzo Galletti, Marco Mollichelli, Marco Paganelli, Davide Pino, Mattia Preti
Recorded voice: Loredana Terminio
Acknowledgements: Nicola Colacicco, Giochi Sport Emilia Romagna ASD, Circolo MCL Villa Maria (Medicina, BO)


Production Credits

Production: Tempo Reale, per Aspera Festival
In collaboration with: Lega Italiana Calcio Balilla