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Dancing Days

October 18th - 19th 2024
dance - dance - dancing days - danza e teatro italiano

Stefania Tansini

L’ombelico dei limbi

“L’omberlico dei limbi” is a youthful text by Antonin Artaud in which can be found visions and thoughts that he would mature in later writings. Alienation from the world, the pain of the fragmentation of identity. Stefania Tansini’s performance originates from here, with a staging designed specifically for the space of La Pelanda – Mattatoio in Rome. A performative journey that questions the relationship between things, that strips the place and the body, that proceeds in a contradictory tension: on the one hand the desire to free oneself, to tear oneself to pieces, to keep oneself out of the world, on the other hand the desire to reconstitute and share the torment of the body.


Stefania Tansini is a dancer and choreographer. She graduate of the Paolo Grassi Academy. She has worked for Romeo Castellucci, Cindy Van Acker, Simona Bertozzi, Luca Veggetti, Enzo Cosimi, Ariella Vidach, Motus, before to start a personal research around the body that she pursues through choreographic and performance projects and through collaboration with other artists. She is a winner of the UBU 2022 award in the category “best performer under 35”. Stefania Tansini is a supported by the Fondazione Teatro Grande of Brescia.


concept, choreography dance: Stefania Tansini 
sound project: Paolo Aralla
texts: Raffaella Colombo
dramaturg: Raffaella Colombo

Production Credits

production: Nanou Associazione Culturale (e altri in via di definizione)
photos and videos: Luca Del Pia
Associated artist to Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia