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Ant Hampton • Tim Etchells

The Quiet Volume

Having already partaken in the Festival with his company Forced Entertainment, Englishman Tim Etchells returns with a preview that serves as the ideal bridge between Short Theatre and Romaeuropa. Created in collaboration with Ant Hampton, The Quiet Volume is a whispered and hidden performance that, involving two people at a time, seems to self-generate in the unique tension of a library.


Indeed, it is this space, with its combination of silence and concentration, which nourishes the particular project of the two artists, in which two members of the public/participants sit side-by-side and, starting from the ideas offered by written and whispered words, construct an improbable path of knowledge and relationship.


The Quiet Volume is camouflaged in the flexible and orderly environment of each library, and, using its regulations, explores the subjective experience of reading, allowing our emotions to appear in a shared space to meet – silently and anonymously – those of another unknown reader.




The books available for the Italian performance are:


The Notebook, The Proof, The Third Lie: Three Novels by Agota Kristof
Blindness by Josè Saramago
When We Were Orphans by Kazuo Ishiguru
City Scapes by Gabriele Basilico


After your registration, you will receive an email to pick the book you’d like to consult and in which language, Italian or English.



Library from 20.9 to 29.9 (closed on Sunday, 24th) Biblioteca Enzo Tortora Via Nicola Zabaglia, 27/b   Also from 10 to 15.9 within Short Theatre Duration 60'   Concept Ant Hampton, Tim Etchells Voices for the English version Ant Hampton, Seth Etchells, Jenny Naden Artistic production Katja Timmerberg Bi-neural recording TiTo Toblerone Commission, Production Ciudades Paralelas: un festival di 'teatro portatile' curato da Stefan Kaegi e Lola Arias Debut, Italian version's co-production Uovo performing arts festival, Milano Direction Ant Hampton Supervision Martina Pozzo / Uovo Production director Paolo Rumi First voice Emanuele Fortunati Child voice Pietro Ferro Third voice Franca Porzio Translation Maddalena Fiocchi Audio recording, Editing Andrea Pestarino @ Music Production Photo © Ant Hampton