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National Premiere - REF Coproduction
Anni Luce
Anch'io sono uno stronzo
October 19th - 20th 2022
anni luce - theatre - theatre

Babilonia Teatri / Nicolò Sordo / Filippo Quezel


Presented during REF21 as part of the Situazione Drammatica section, the text of Ok Boomer by Nicolò Sordo (Recipient of the Pier Vittorio Tondelli 2021 Award) is brought to the stage under the direction of Company Babilonia Teatri. On a Saturday afternoon, in a sporting goods store inside a shopping centre, thieves of all kinds storm everything that comes their way. A little boy, caught stealing a pair of Nike Air, accidentally brings to light a much murkier reality that is hidden in the basement of the shop: a laboratory where illegal migrants are reduced to slavery work. A handful of makeshift heroes desperately try to save them, but only in order to save themselves and their mediocre lives- a fake fight against capitalism, a rebound of blame between boomers who invariably shift the responsibility for their umpteenth failure onto the little boy.
Babilonia Teatri brings on the stage the same Nicolò and the actor Filippo Quezel facing a writing style similar to the mood of the company in looking at the world and telling its contradictions. A language that does not discount anyone and that does not take the chair to divide the good from the bad, but sinks hands and feet into the paradoxes that surround us and that we embody.


by Nicolò Sordo 
direction, scene, dramaturgy Enrico Castellani, Valeria Raimondi, Babilonia Teatri 
with Nicolò Sordo and Filippo Quezel

Production Credits

coproduction La Piccionaia, CPT Fondazione Sipario Toscana, Romaeuropa Festival 

Foto: Lorenzo Rossini