REf kids + family • Prima nazionale
Letizia Renzini • Zonzo Compagnie


November 17th - 18th 2018
Saturday 17th - 11 am + 4 + 7 pm
Sunday 18th - 11 am + 4 + 7 pm

6 y.o. and up
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 00153 Roma
up to 12 y.o. € 7 • adults € 10 to 15

The multifaceted and numerous interests of Letizia Renzini render her a unique personality, engaged in artistic production on some fronts. Video artist, musician, DJ and performer, she works with audio, video, body and text in a constant fusion of languages hailing from multiple expressive fields.


At REf kids + family, Renzini reworks contemporary musical heritage, challenging preconceptions that it can be comprehended only by connoisseurs, instead offering it to a very young audience. BerBerio arose in collaboration with the Belgian Zonzo Compagnie and the intriguing ensemble Revue Blanche, two entities engaged in the transmission and reworking of musical heritage, recognised and applauded worldwide.


At the heart of this musical theatre show are the sounds of Luciano Berio, an avant-garde composer considered as being the pioneer of electronic music. Four musicians guide the young audience (aged 6 and over) through the history of his music and that of his talented wife and muse Cathy Berberian. The result is an extraordinary multimedia performance in which the world of the composer becomes a daydream comprised of notes, images and many creative possibilities.


Ricordami questo evento 2018-11-17 11:00:00 2018-11-18 20:00:00 Europe/Rome BerBerio Letizia Renzini • Zonzo Compagnie Mattatoio Romaeuropa

Duration 50′

Music Luciano Berio, Cathy Berberian, Revue Blanche Stage direction, Video Letizia Renzini Soprano Lore Binon Harp Anouk Sturtewagen Flutes Caroline Peeters Viola Kris Hellemans Technique, Light, Stage design Pieter Nys Costumes Johanna Trudzinski Production ZONZO COMPAGNIE Co-production Revue Blanche, Concertgebouw Bruges, Jeugd en Muziek  Vlaanderen, KC Rataplan Support Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, Vlaanderen Verbeelding Werkt Photo © Dries Segers