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Theâtre des Tarabates

La Brouille

La Brouille
November 16th - 18th 2018
Friday 16th - 6 pm
Saturday 17th - 10 am+ 1 pm + 3 pm
Sunday 18th - 10am + 1 pm + 3 pm

from 18 months to 3 y.o.
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 00153 Roma
up to 12 y.o. € 7 • adults € 10 to 15

Dedicated to an audience from 18 months to 3 years, La Brouille is a peculiar puppet show. In fact, instead of manipulating puppets, Nicolas Saumont and the musician Yann Honore, members of the company Théâtre des TaRaBaTes, choose to transform their own hands into the protagonists of this story.


There are a beach and the blue sky. Two hands prepare a beautiful piece of ground, all is going well, they laugh and play together but slowly things become more complicated, and they end up arguing. They build walls; they separate, they hate each other. But a new threat seems to loom on the horizon, and the only way to deal with it will be by combining their energies.


La Brouille tells us, through the use of bare hands – an instrument of love and hate – a simple story that speaks to us about the discovery of the other, of conflicts, of intolerance and the possibilities of reconciliation.



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Duration 30′