Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop • Michael Rauter • Luigi De Angelis • Fanny & Alexander


November 20th - 21st 2018
Auditorium Parco della Musica
Sala Petrassi

9 pm
Via Pietro de Coubertin, 30 00196 Roma
from € 10 to 20

Born from the collaboration between the Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop led by Michael Rauter, Luigi De Angelis, founder of the Fanny & Alexander company, and the actor Marco Cavalcoli, Serge is a work inspired by the life of Sergei Diaghilev, the cosmopolitan and visionary Russian impresario who revolutionised the world of international dance upon founding the Ballets Russes.


Diaghilev’s real talent for seduction allowed him to exert a significant influence over the European art scene and to inaugurate a new sensibility for hedonism and aesthetic pleasure. On stage, De Angelis, Kaleidoskop and Cavalcoli create a ‘choreography of seduction’, a catalogue of gestures based on the most famous works of the Ballets Russes.


As the actor plays the role of Diaghilev, he manipulates and seduces the audience like a Pied Piper, with music accompanying the iconic works commissioned by the Ballets Russes, starting with a 70-minute version of Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun). The result is a sonorous and gestural landscape composed of fragments of arrangements and movements, from legacies in ruins, a portrait of Diaghilev and his aesthetic universe.


Ricordami questo evento 2018-11-20 21:00:00 2018-11-21 21:00:00 Europe/Rome Serge Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop • Michael Rauter • Luigi De Angelis • Fanny & Alexander Auditorium Parco della Musica
Sala Petrassi

Duration 80′

Concept Luigi De Angelis, Michael Rauter Direction, Lights, Set Luigi De Angelis Music direction Michael Rauter Music, Performance Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop Performers Marco Cavalcoli Sound design Johann Günther, Hubert Westkemper Costumes Chiara Lagani Skin painting Nicola Fagnani Light and set assistant Giovanni Cavalcoli Dramaturgy collaboration Boram Lie Music Michael Rauter – Serge (2018) inspired by and based on excerpts of Claude Debussy – Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune, Maurice Ravel – Daphnis et Chloé, Erik Satie – Parade Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop Mari Sawada (violin), Paul Valikoski (violin), Ildiko Ludwig (viola), Yodfat Miron (viola), Michael Rauter (cello), Ulrike Ruf (cello), Clara Gervais (double bass) Production management Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop (Michael Hohendorf, Volker Hormann, Sabine Schnürer, Carla van der Minde) SERGE is based on the production 3MER The Riot Of Seduction commissioned by Klarafestival Co-production Concertgebouw Brügge, deSingel internationale kunstcampus Antwerpen, Muziektheater Transparant Photo © Katya Abramkina

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