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National Premiere

Teatro Vascello
November 6th - 7th 2024
dance - Scena internazionale - theatre

Arno Schuitemaker

30 apparences out of darkness

Regardless of what we associate with it, darkness can be disorienting, and even threatening: the unknown, the obscure, the void. But there is not always an escape from it. What if darkness can be turned into potential through a change of perspective? Barely lit images emerge in a pitch-black space, sometimes on the threshold of perception. This world has its own kind of gravity and absorbs each and everyone, gradually transforming into a place of protection, hope, and conquest.


Arno Schuitemaker (Amsterdam) creates performances that are immersive and hyperphysical. Breaking down the boundaries between dance, performance, visual art, and club culture, his work receives praise for the inventive forms he creates for themes that lie at the intersection where the intimate and the universal meet. Performances such as “If You Could See Me Now”, the acclaimed “The Way You Sound Tonight”, “O S C A R”, and “30 appearances out of darkness” have been presented in over 25 countries. In “Theatermaker”, 30 appearances out of darkness, The Way You Sound Tonight and I will wait for you were selected in the lists of critics with the season’s best performances. The Way You Sound Tonight was bestowed with the “Zwaan”, the award is considered the most prestigious dance prize in the Dutch performing arts.


Danced and created with: Ivan Ugrin, Ahmed El Gendy, Emilia Saavedra, Frederik Kaijser, Rex Collins, Clotilde Cappelletti, Jim Buskens, Paolo Yao

Dramaturgy: Guy Cools

Music: Aart Strootman

Lighting design: Jean Kalman

Scene: Arno Schuitemaker, Jean Kalman


Production Credits

Production: SHARP/ArnoSchuitemaker

Co-productions: La Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse-Occitanie and POLE-SUD Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National Strasbourg

Support: Performing Arts Fund NL, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Fonds 21, and Zabawas