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National Premiere
A REF co-production

Teatro India
September 28th - 29th 2024
dance - dance - danza e teatro italiano

CollettivO CineticO
Francesca Pennini

age (2024)

Girls and boys coming of age enter the stage without knowing what awaits them. Every evening they talk about themselves and their community. What emerges is not only a glowing portrait of a champion of humanity, but also a litmus test of the present. Twelve years after its debut, <Age> by CollettivO CineticO returns with a new cast of teenagers to explore the cultural changes of the last ten years.


CollettivO CineticO  was founded in 2007 by the choreographer Francesca Pennini and involves over 50 artists from different disciplines. The collective’s research investigates the nature of the performative event with formats that are both playful and rigorous that move in the interstices between dance, theater and visual arts. One of the salient characteristics is the creation of methods of composition and organization of movement capable of encountering extremely differentiated bodies and devices that discuss the relationship with the spectator and vision, moving from the stage to urban places, from mimetic missions in everyday life to virtual platforms. CollettivO CineticO has produced sixty-four creations, receiving numerous awards including: Jurislav Koreni Award Best Young Theater Director; 2014 Rete Critica Award for best artist 2014; Danza & Danza 2015 Award to Francesca Pennini as best choreographer and performer, UBU award nomination for best performer under 35; Hystrio Iceberg Award 2016; MESS Award at the BE Festival in Birmingham 2016; National Theater Critics Award for Dance Theater 2016; 2017 UBU Award for Best Dance Show and the Grand-Prix Golden Laurel Wreath Award for Best Performance at the 58th MESS Festival in Sarajevo for Sylphidarium Maria Taglioni on the Ground, also nominated by UBU as best sound project. In the following years, CollettivO CineticO was nominated again for the UBU awards in the “Best Dance Show” category: in 2021 for “Dialogo Terzo: In a Landscape” (also nominated for “Best Costumes”) and in 2022 for “Manifesto Cannibale”. In 2023 Francesca Pennini won the Ada D’Adamo Award for research and inclusiveness. Since 2013 the company has been supported by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, since 2015 by the Emilia-Romagna Region and currently part of the international Crossing the Sea project. The works have been presented in: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Holland, Peru, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and via live streaming in the USA and Korea. The CollettivO CineticO company debuted on the scene of the Romaeuropa Festival with <Age> (2012), after having participated in the project dedicated to national dance DNA – Danza Nazionale Autoriale in 2011. Among the shows presented at the festival: “Benvenuto Umano” (2017 ),  “Cannibal Manifesto”(2021).

Francesca Pennini (Ferrara, 1984) is a choreographer, director and dancer. She trained in a wild path between heterogeneous disciplines: from gymnastics to freediving, from butoh to disco dance. Subsequently she studied at the Balletto di Toscana and at the Laban Center in London. She works as a dancer for Sasha Waltz & Guests. She is the artistic director of CollettivO CineticO since 2007, the year in which she founded the company, signing over sixty creations. She has created shows for Balletto di Roma and the National Company of Malta. She collaborates, among others, with Mustafa Sabbagh, Vasco Brondi, Quentin Jones, Pamela Z, Ramón Oliveras. She is passionate about training and collaborates as a teacher for numerous entities including: Biennale College Danza; Academy of Fine Arts of Rome; Brera Academy of Fine Arts; Hochschule Hannover University of Applied Science and Arts; DAMS Bologna and is currently a teacher of the Theater and Performing Arts course at the IUAV University of Venice. In 2022 she curates part of the Centrale Fies program with Barbara Boninsegna.


direction and choreography: Francesca Pennini
dramaturgy: Angelo Pedroni, Francesca Pennini
action and creation: cast of teenagers selected by audition
direction and organisation: Matilde Buzzoni, Carmine Parise

Production Credits

co-production: CollettivO CineticO, Romaeuropa Festival, Centrale Fies Art Work Space, Fondazione Sipario Toscana
with the support of: Goldonetta Firenze, Ferrara Off Teatro, Fondazione Armunia, L‘Arboreto Teatro Dimora di Mondaino

VISIONI project partners: ATER Fondazione, ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione / Teatro Nazionale – focus CARNE, Festival Bonsai / Ferrara Off Teatro, Fondazione I Teatri, BMotion, Agorà Bologna

with the support of: MIC Ministero della Cultura and Regione Emilia Romagna

winner of: Ripensando Cage Award 2012, Jurislav Koreni, award for best direction at the MESS International Festival in Sarajevo