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Teatro Argentina
September 24th 2024
concerti e teatro musicale - musica

Mariangela Gualtieri
Paolo Fresu
Uri Caine

Bello Mondo
Improvisation for three voices

Bello Mondo is a stage experience with the poet Mariangela Gualtieri, Uri Caine (piano) and Paolo Fresu (trumpet and effects), that reinvigorates the discourse between poetic verse and music: a song dedicated to the earth, a reflection on the human condition with all its «grace and violent gracelessness».


MARIANGELA GUALTIERI was born in Cesena, Romagna. She graduated in architecture from the IUAV in Venice. In 1983 she founded, together with director Cesare Ronconi, Teatro Valdoca, of which she is dramaturge. From the beginning, she has cared for the oral delivery of poetry, devoting full attention to the apparatus of voice amplification and the association between poetic verse and live music. From “Non, splendore Rock” with the group Aidoru, to “Requiem” written to the music of composer Silvia Colasanti, to the most recent concerts: “Purple,” with pianist Stefano Battaglia, “Acqua Rotta” with cellist Mario Brunello. Published texts include “Antenata” (Crocetti, 1992 and 2021), “Fuoco Centrale” (Einaudi 2003), “Senza polvere senza peso” (Einaudi 2006), “Le giovani parole” (Einaudi, 2015), “Beast of Joy. Selected poems” (Chelsea Editions, New York, 2018), ‘When I didn’t die’ (Einaudi, 2019), Teatro Valdoca’s ‘Album of Oaths/Tables of Oaths’ (Quodlibet, 2019), ‘Landscape with Broken Brother’ (Einaudi, 2021), ”Phonic Enchantment. The Art of Saying Poetry” (Einaudi, 2022), ‘Bello mondo’ (Einaudi, ET Poetry, 2024).


PAOLO FRESU His trumpet has become loved by audiences all over the world: in the course of an extraordinary artistic life, the musician has played on every continent and with the most important African-American musicians of the last 30 years. At this point in his fortunate career, it is no longer even necessary to list the recordings, awards and various experiences that have established him internationally and that make his music ecumenically beloved: within the sound of his trumpet is the sap that gave luster to the nouvelle vague of European jazz, the depth of a thought that is not only musical, the generosity that wants him in the right place at the right time but, above all, the inexhaustible passion that has always sustained him. After more than 400 recordings in 2010, he opened his own record label Tuk Music, which is shining a spotlight on many productions, including those of young protagonists of new jazz. Considered one of the top virtuosos, on an international scale, of his instrument, he now performs about 200 concerts a year. He lives between Paris, Bologna and Sardinia.


URI CAINE is one of the most intelligent and sensitive “architects” of today’s music, a brilliant alchemist capable of reinterpreting the repertoires of every era with culture and humor. His jazz is a blend of classical, rock and electronic music. The Philadelphia musician has worked in the round with the best names in contemporary jazz and is recognized as one of the greatest jazz pianists of our time. Among the many mentions to remember, especially for what relates to Italian experiences, in 2003 he was conductor of a memorable edition of the Venice Biennale where he made his debut with “The Othello Syndrome”, a work of variations freely taken from Giuseppe Verdi’s score that gave rise to the recording of “Winter and Winter” nominated for the Grammy Awards for best classical/crossover album of 2008 and the 2009 Echo Klassik award. Also for “Winter & Winter”, really important are his recordings dedicated to Gustav Mahler presented live at the Toblach Festival. For three years, since 2007, he directed the Bergamo jazz festival. His touch is truly masterful and his ability to create splendid sonic cocktails straddling tradition and future possibilities systematically give the figure of the quality of his interpretations.


Piano: Uri Caine
Trumpet, flugelhorn and effects: Paolo Fresu
Verse and reciting voice: Mariangela Gualtieri
Stage design and lighting: Cesare Ronconi
Technical direction: Stefano Cortesi
Sound engineer: Fabrizio Dall’Oca
Sound engineer: Andrea Zanella
Light designer and stage direction: Luca Devito

Production Credits

Production: Emilia Romagna ERT / National Theatre
In collaboration with: Valdoca Theatre
Musical collaboration: Pannonica srl