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A co-production with Villa Massimo - Accademia Tedesca Roma

Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone - Teatro Studio Gianni Borgna
November 10th 2024
concerti e teatro musicale - musica

Marcus Schmickler
Neue Vocalsolisten
Zafraan Ensemble

Schreber songs
(Don’t Wake Up daddy)

Schreber songs <br> (Don’t Wake Up daddy)

Composer Marcus Schmickler explores the theme of memory in a concert/show for  choir and instruments, which is based on the story of one Daniel Schreber: the archetype of what it is to be a contemporary survivor, as a person who managed to impose reason, logic and coherence to his apparently insane world. It is a subject that allows for the exploration of changes in social structures, of the failures of modernity and of the attempt to build a new, more rational and enlightened reality.


controtenore (Schreber): Daniel Gloger
Neue Vocalsolisten: 5 voices
string quintet + percussion: Zafraan Ensemble

Composition and sound direction: Marcus Schmickler

Film and direction: Titus Selge