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October 22nd - 27th 2024
danza e teatro italiano - theatre

OHT - Office for Human Theatre
Filippo Andreatta

Squares do not (normally) appear in nature

Thirteen experiments of sound and vision form the center of this performance without actors, inspired by the life and work of Bauhaus painter Josef Albers. It’s basis is the awareness of colours via certain protagonists: abstraction, light, mist, glass, font and image. This is a metaphor for the German artist’s research, which Andreatta proceeds to stage by inviting the public to alter their gaze, to use a new way of seing in order to seek small fragments of our own reality within abstraction.


stage direction and texts: Filippo Andreatta
stage director: Cosimo Ferrigolo
technician and programmer: Orlando Vision Cainelli
development and communication: Anna Benazzoli
photographs: Giacomo Bianco

production: Chiara Boitani
administration: Lucrezia Stenico

Production Credits

production Office for a Human Theatre [OHT]
in collaboration with MART museum of modern and contemporary art in the framework of Creative Europe Programme – the floor is yours
with the contribution of MiC, Autonomous Province of Trento and Fondazione Caritro
with the support of Comune di Rovereto
artistic residency: theater at the paper mill

original version 2014
stage direction and texts: Filippo Andreatta
scientific research: Chiara Spangaro
mechanical movements: Paola Villani
sound: Roberto Rettura
technician: Giovanni Marocco
paper objects: Nadia Simeonkova

with the support of the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Bethany (CT), USA

a production of Office for a Human Theatre [OHT]
in collaboration with MART Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Autonomous Province of Trento, Trentino – Alto Adige / Südtirol Region, Vallagarina Valley Community, Punto Luce sas
artistic residencies Albers Foundation, Centrale Fies

thanks to Barbara Boninsegna, Annalisa Casagranda, Brenda Danilowitz, Fritz Horstman, Alessandra Klimciuk, Nick Murphy, Giacomo Raffaelli, Jeannette Redensek, Nicholas Fox Weber.