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Cavea- Auditorium Parco della Musica Ennio Morricone
September 11th 2024
concerti e teatro musicale - musica - opening week

Alessandro Baricco
Giovanni Sollima
Enrico Melozzi
100 Cellos
Stefania Rocca
Valeria Solarino

Tucidide. Atene contro Melo

Alessandro Baricco returns to the REF, this time immersing himself in the writings of Thucydides. He articulates the story of the clash which occurred in 416 BC, between the Athenians and the inhabitants of the island of Melos, to the musical accompaniment  of the 100 Cellos, together with Valeria Solarino and Stefania Rocca. A poetic, sharp and very current reflection emerges on the real meaning of justice and law within the context of the relationship between the aggressor and the assailed, the weak and the strong, the victor and the vanquished.


Thucydides. Athens versus Melo

Adaptation and direction: Alessandro Baricco

Music: Giovanni Sollima

with: Alessandro Baricco, Stefania Rocca, Valeria Solarino and Giovanni Sollima,

Enrico Melozzi, 100 Cellos

A production: Holden Studios

Costumes: Giovanna Buzzi, Slow Costume

Light: Fabiana Piccioli



Production Credits

BMW is a partner of all Scuola Holden activities