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The interactive video installation “Tourmente” allows the viewer to modify and to interact with a series of portraits displayed on a public screen.  The spectators only have to blow into the microphone of their mobile phones. Depending on the energy of their breath, a light breeze or a strong wind will blow over the portrayed faces. This work moves us to reflect about how much the individual could be unaware of the consequences of his actions. “Tourmente” tries to cancel the boundaries between the collective and the personal with a  work that is at the same time funny, virtual, physical and political. Actually, many people think about the public space as a place where it is possible to meet other people anonymously. So, how could it be possible to cause spontaneous encounter and create relations?  How could we take a stimulating physical and spiritual experience on? How could we find a collective voice into the continuous crowd’s din?

Jean Dubois’ work,   poetically and critically concerns with the relations among digital devices, random structures, intersubjective relations, textual images and site specific projects. He is teacher at the Université du Québec of Montréal and also vice-dean for Research and Creation at the Beaux Arts Faculty. He is also the founder member of the Hexagram, University Centre for Multimedial Arts and  presides over the Administration Board of the Vox, Centre de l’image contemporaine.


Foto © Jean Dubois



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