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Sala Santa Rita
November 7th - 24th 2019
exhibits - visual art

Quiet Ensemble

Primitive Primavere

The Sala Santa Rita of Rome is transformed into part of a valley where the last few thousand fireflies remaining on the planet are trapped. These are intermittent creatures, a digital swarm built by pixels of light controlled by an algorithm, taking over the space of the former Roman church. With this work, the duo Quiet Ensemble (Bernardo Vercelli and Fabio di Salvo) continue their research into the concepts of animate and inanimate, light and dark.


The research of Quiet ensemble (Fabio di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli) goes through the observation of the balance between chaos and control, nature and technology, creating subjects that perfectly merges the those elements, elements that take form from the relation of organic and artificial subjects, moving the attention to insignificant and wonderful elements, like the movement of a fly or the sound of trees. The interest is connected to those technologies that explores the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities deriving from interactivity techniques, approaching the newest technological discoveries as if they would be the tools for creation, like the brush for the painter. Working on the relation between time and space, sound and image the work of Quiet ensemble changes and develops in time, relating to the space, changing it. Emphasizing the unexpected events, refuting the apparent immobility of shapes and melting the appearing opposition of forces in nature.


By: Quiet Ensemble
Sound design: Ariemar

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