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Kids & Families

Mattatoio / Foyer 2
2022-10-02 00:00
from September 30th
to 2 October 2022

Consorzio Balsamico

Questi pochi centimetri di terra

A mother and her daughter flee their country of origin to a new land, where they can start a new life. But the uncertainty they experience because of lacking a residence permit leads the girl into a deep sleep from which it is difficult to wake up. While her mother relentlessly takes care of her, the little girl relives her fears and hopes for the future. What happens to her in this suspended time?


A project by and with: Consorzio Balsamico
Dramaturgy: Giada Borgatti
With: Silvia Cristofori, Eva Miškovicová, Alessandra Stefanini
Puppets:  Alessandra Stefanini
Scene: Eva Miškovicová
Lights: Marco D’Amelio
Original music and soundscape: Timoteo Carbone
Photo: Cristina Panicali
Artistic support: Nadia Milani e Valeria Sacco
Direction: Virginia Franchi


Production Credits

Production: Consorzio Balsamico e LISA
With the support: Ass. Cult. TEATROinSTALLA
In collaboration with: Centro Teatrale MaMiMò

Selected show for the Festival Mondial Des Théâtres de Marionnettes du Charleville-Mézières OFF de Rue 2021