Motus • La MaMa


from October 31st
to November 3rd 2018
Teatro Vascello
9 pm
Thursday 1st - 5 pm

Via Giacinto Carini, 78 00152 Roma
from € 19 to 25

PANORAMA, the Motus’ Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò latest production, questions people’s motion and migration together with research on post-nationalistic identity. The show is indeed a collective and visionary biography of the interethnic group of performers belonging to the legendary theatre in the New York East Village, founded by Ellen Stewart: La Mama.


With the support of Erik Ehn for dramaturgy – and elaborate visual design developed at Seoul Institute of the Arts – Motus creates new existence’s scenarios on the concept of fluid identity and nomad identity, putting to the test any attempt to irrevocably fix people, nationalities, ethnicities, professions in hierarchical and unchangeable categories.


From Seoul to the Dominican Republic, from China to Vietnam through Turkey, PANORAMA is a kaleidoscopic performance on the human right to be in movement, on cultural nomadism and the artistic expressions it generates.


Ricordami questo evento 2018-10-31 21:00:00 2018-11-03 21:00:00 Europe/Rome PANORAMA Motus • La MaMa Teatro Vascello Romaeuropa

Duration 80′ circa
Show in English with Italian subtitles


Devised, Directed by
Enrico Casagrande, Daniela Nicolò Dramaturgy Erik Ehn, Daniela Nicolò with the actors of the Great Jones Repertory Company Maura Nguyen Donohue, John Gutierrez, Valois Marie Mickens, eugene the poogene, Zishan Ugurlu, Perry Yung Music Heather Paauwe Assistant director Lola Giouse Sound design Enrico Casagrande Light design Andrea Gallo, Daniela Nicolò Video design USA CultureHub NYC with Sangmin Chae Video design Europe Paride Donatelli, Alessio Spirli Visual project Bosul Kim, Seung Ho Jeong Technical direction Paride Donatelli Production Elisa Bartolucci Logistic Shaila Chenet Communication Marta Lovato, Estelle Coulon Graphic design, Press office International distribution Lisa Gilardino Production La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club with Motus In coproduction with Seoul Institute of the Arts | CultureHub, USA | Vooruit, Belgium | FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts | Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione | Grec Festival, Spain | L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora In collaboration with Under The Radar Festival, USA With the support of MiBACT, Regione Emilia Romagn Photo © Theo Cote

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