Mario e Saleh
Scena verticale / Saverio La Ruina

Mario e Saleh

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Mario e Saleh
October 26th - 27th 2019
Mattatoio - Teatro 1
from € 8 to € 15
Formula Passepartout

In the aftermath of the Aquila earthquake, Mario who is a western Christian and Saleh who is a Muslim, find themselves in one of the tents. Their relationship is redefined through dialogue and external events that unravel an already highly precarious situation. Saverio La Ruina chooses to share the stage with a Muslim migrant in order to interpret their story and to address the clash between two different cultures and mentalities, through their relationship with the problems of daily life- removed from the clichés of contemporary debate.


Scritto e diretto da: Saverio La Ruina
Con: Saverio La Ruina e un migrante musulmano
Musiche originali: Gianfranco De Franco
Disegno luci: Dario De Luca
Audio e luci: Mario Giordano
Organizzazione generale: Settimio Pisano
Produzione: Scena Verticale

Saturday 26 20
Sunday 27 19
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