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National Premiere
Coproduction REF
2023-10-01 00:00
from September 30th
to 1 October 2023

Elli Papakonstantinou

The Bacchae

For Greek artist Elli Papakonstantinou, musical theatre is a territory without borders, a ground for experimentation with word, text, video, live music and dance in search for a new performative language.  The director – already hosted by Romaeuropa with Traces of Antigones – seeks to place the myth, the Greek tragedy, and the roots of Western culture at the basis of this language. This is how her theatre projects itself towards the future: by tracing a connection between the ancestral domain of the human soul and sensitivity to the greater political and social themes of our present times. The Bacchae begins in a futuristic world. A meteorite called Dionysus collides with the earth, but instead of destroying it, leads everyone to liberation and the fulfillment of their desires. A giant seismograph at the centre of the stage monitors the vibrations of the earth and of the dancers and activates an elaborate sound environment in real time, which is accompanied by Aria Lester’s original compositions. The result is a visual concert in which sources, signs and aesthetics combine to invite the viewer on a journey through the “free path of the heart”.


Conception and direction Elli Papakonstantinou
Text Elli Papakonstantinou, Chloe Tzia Kolyri, Kakia Goudeli
Choreography SINE QUA NON ART – Christophe Béranger & Jonathan Pranlas Descours
Original songs and musical compositions Ariah Lester
Electroacoustic compositions – Interactive sound installations Lambros Pigounis
Scene Maria Panourgia
Video art – Live Video Performance Pantelis Makkas
Costumes Design Ioanna Tsami
Light Design Marietta Pavlaki
Sensors on stage & Seismograph Giannis Kranidiotis
First assistant director Spiros Sourvinos
Collaboration on texts Louisa Arkoumanea
Drama Collaboration Ariah Lester, Haris Kalaitzidis

Cast Vasilis Boutsikos, Georgios Iatrou, Hara Kotsali, Ariah Lester, Lito Messini, Aris Papadopoulos

Production & Tour Management Alexandra Fyka, Olga Mavroeidi
Technical coordination Lambros Pigounis
Tour & Development Director Laurent Langlois
ODC Office Directorate Gina Zorba
Second assistant director Christiana Toka
Third assistant director Katerina Savoglou
Stage assistant Sofia Theodoraki
Video assistant Anthi Paraskeva Veloudogianni

Communication Directorate Giovanni Rumma
Photography Alex Kat

Production Credits

ODC Ensemble / Elli Papakonstantinou (elli.site)

In coproduction with
La Filature, Scène Nationale Mulhouse (FR), Festival de Marseille (FR), Festival La Strada Graz (AT), Romaeuropa Festival (IT), Teatro Nazionale di Genova (IT)

Espace des Arts, Scène Nationale Chalon-Sur-Saône (FR)

Supported by
Ministry of Culture and Sports