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World Premiere

Vittorio Montalti, Blow Up Percussion, Tempo Reale

The smell of blue electricity

Born in Rome in 1984, Vittorio Montalti is one of the most acclaimed musicians of his generation. Interested in interweaving the electronic medium within instrumental writing, he explores with his compositions the extension of possibilities in the timbres of acoustic instruments and the influence of electronic sound in our culture.

The smell of blue electricity brings together Blow Up Percussion and the composer for the execution of the electronic part of a show aimed at breaking the limitations of musical performance to explore a more direct contact with the audience: a project born from close collaboration and dialogue between Montalti and the ensemble of percussionists under the sound direction of Tempo Reale.


Vittorio Montalti
live electronics

Blow Up Percussion

Tempo Reale
sound direction

Commissioned by SIAE