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National premiere

Teatro Vascello
October 14th - 15th 2017

Olivier Meyrou | Matias Pilet

Cirque autobiographique

Tu <br>Cirque autobiographique


Autobiographical Circus: this is how acrobat Matias Pilet and documentary reporter Olivier Meyrou define Tu, a show that marks their renewed collaboration following the success of Acrobates, presented in 2014 at Romaeuropa Festival.

It was during the tour of this last work, devoted to the memory of their trapeze artist friend Alexandre Fernier that Pilet noticed the strong influence that the past continued to have on his life. Before his birth, the French artist lost his twin sister, who died in the womb a few days before childbirth. On stage, covered by clouds of white paper, Pilet sets off on a journey back in time, into the most intimate and hidden parts of the body, composing a solo in which reality and fiction play a game of tag.

Every scenic movement is nourished by the images filmed by Olivier Meyrou (also director), who followed Pilet in a long journey through Chile. Voices and visual fragments of Pilet’s mother, of distant yet near landscapes, of roots that have been cut and may never be recovered, prepare us for a genuine leap into the dark: a shiver, a sudden shock of life, an intensely private and personal look that now becomes universal.

Direction Olivier Meyrou Dramaturgy Amrita David, Olivier Meyrou Performance Matias Pilet In video Karen Wenvl, Françoise Gillard, from French comedy Erika Bustamante Music François-Eudes Chanfrault, Sébastien Savine Voice Karen Wenvl Set Simon André Lights Nicolas Boudier Video Loïc Bontems General direction Amandine Galodé, Simon André Light direction Amandine Galodé, Simon André Sound direction, Video Marie-Pascale Bertrand, Yohann Gilles Coproduction Les Subsistances - Lione, La Passerelle SN Gap, La Brèche - Cherbourg, Le Monfort - Parigi Support Le Quai - Angers, La Chartreuse - Villeneuve lez Avignon Assistance Le CNT, DRAC Ile-de-France per l’aiuto alla produzione drammaturgica Partner Chili Espace Arte Nimiku di Santiago Other partners António Câmara Manuel, Temps d’images, Lisbona, Association Nationale des Sages-Femmes Libérales et Union Nationale et Syndicale des Sages-Femmes, rencontres et échanges à Cherbourg et à Angers avec des sages-femmes Jacqueline Lavilloniere et Sophie Fouchet and all pregnant women, for their work during pregnancy, maternity and their perception of intrauterine life