Dancing days
Ingrid Berger Myhre


October 20th 2018
8 pm
Piazza Orazio Giustiniani, 4 00153 Roma
from € 10 to 15

The language and semiotics are central elements in the work of Ingrid Berger Myhre, a choreographer and dancer associated with Dansateliers in Rotterdam. It is, therefore, no coincidence that Blanks presents itself as a reflection of the conditions through which we attend a dance show.


Myhre, here engaged in a solo, constructs her performance as a set of sub-texts, pretexts and contexts that emphasise how the verbal description of a situation can alter the actual case itself. Blanks invites us to reflect upon the language of dance and on how the spectator can manipulate the scene through his or her perceptions and imagination. The result is a daydream that is sweet and full of possibilities.


Ricordami questo evento 2018-10-20 20:00:00 2018-10-20 20:00:00 Europe/Rome Blanks Ingrid Berger Myhre Mattatoio Romaeuropa info@romaeuropa.net

Duration 40′

Choreography, Performance Ingrid Berger Myhre Technical development, Visuals Sigurd Ytre-Arne Light design, Decor Edwin Kolpa Costumes, Stage management Maja Eline Larssen Visual research, Advise Jenny Berger Myhre Outside eye Merel Heering Funded by Arts Council Norway Co-production Dansateliers Rotterdam, 4Culture (RO), Working Art Space and Production Bucharest Support Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moving Futures Festival (NL) Photo © Sara Anke

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