Orestes in Mosul
Milo Rau, NTGent

Orestes in Mosul

National premiere ~ Supported by REf19
Orestes in Mosul
September 23rd - 25th 2019
Teatro Argentina
from € 16 to € 40
Formula Passepartout

With Orestes in Mosul Milo Rau confronts the Oresteia, setting it in the context of the war against ISIS, the Syrian-Iraqi conflict and the treatment reserved for jihadi veterans. The Swiss director has set his show in the barracks of the Peshmerga fighters in Kurdistan and in the central square of Mosul – an emblematic site for having hosted the ISIS command and for being a theatre of executions. The performance, drawing on testimony and video footage, brings together militants, poets and local citizens. Hovering between reality and representation, his urgent and current theatre-tribunal reopens the discourse on violence, compassion and forgiveness.


Milo Rau was born in Bern in 1977. He studied sociology, German and Roman studies in Paris, Zurich and Berlin under Tzvetan Todorov and Pierre Bourdieu among others. He started his first reporting trips in 1997, travelling to Chiapas, Cuba. From 2000 he worked as an author for Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and from 2003 as a director and writer at home and abroad. In 2007, Rau founded the theatre and film production company International Institute of Political Murder which he has been running ever since. His theatrical works and films have been invited to some of the biggest national and international festivals, including in 2012-2013 the Berliner Theatertreffen, Festival d’Avignon, Theaterspektakel Zürich, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen, Festival TransAmeriques, Wiener Festwochen, the Kunstenfestival Brussels, the Radikal Jung Festival and the Romaeuropa Festival. In 2016,  Rau was awarded with the prestigious ITI award, on the occasion of World Theater Day. In 2018 he starts to direct the NTGent in Gent in Belgium, and he signs the Gent Manifesto through which he outlined the guidelines of his poetics called “global realism”. With His works, Rau talks about the political and social issues of the present, between local communities and globalization, developing symbolic courts (as for The Congo Tribunal), reenactments of crime news, theatrical stories, adaptations of classics and political actions conducted in more than 30 countries.


direction: Milo Rau
dramaturgy: Stefan Bläske
text: Milo Rau & ensemble
actors video: Baraa Ali, Khitam Idress, Khalid Rawi
musicians video: Zaidun Haitham, Suleik Salim Al-Khabbaz, Firas Atraqchi, Saif Al-Taee, Nabeel Atraqchi
choir video: Mustafa Dargham, Rayan Shihab Ahmed, Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Hussein, Abdallah Nawfal, Younis Anad Gabori, Hatal Al-Hianey, Hassan Taha, Mohamed Saalim
film: Daniel Demoustier, Moritz von Dungern
set design: ruimtevaarders
costume design: An De Mol
light design: Dennis Diels
stage manager: Marijn Vlaeminck
video technique: Stijn Pauwels
light technique: Dennis Diels, Geert De Rodder
editing: Joris Vertenten
musical arrangement & composition: Saskia Venegas Aernouts
sound technique: Dimitri Devos
creation surtitles: Eline Banken
surtitling: Noemi Suarez Sanchez, Katelijne Laevens
direction assistant: Katelijne Laevens
stage technique: Jeroen Vanhoutte
dresser: Micheline D’Hertoge, Nancy Colman
internship dramaturgy: Eline Banken, Liam Rees
internship direction assistant: Bo Alfaro Decreton
production management: Noemi Suarez Sanchez
coproducer: Romaeuropa Festival, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Tandem Scène Nationale
this production was realized with the support of The Belgian Tax Shelter

Monday 23 21
Tuesday 24 21
Wednesday 25 21
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