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World premiere

MACRO Testaccio - La Pelanda
October 26th 2017

Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli | Gianluca Ruggeri

Les Adieux!
Parole salvate dalle fiamme

Les Adieux! <br> Parole salvate dalle fiamme


“Melologue for the New Millennium” – this is how actress and director Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli and percussionist, director and composer Gianluca Ruggeri define Les Adieux! Parole salvate dalle fiamme, an inspired blend of reciting voices, music and video. Natoli herself, along with actors Marco Foschi and Vinicio Marchioni, works with an ensemble of four instruments (viola, flute, bayan and percussion) to build a path around the October Revolution.

Esenin, Majakowski, Pasternak, and Blok, street companions of the revolution and dissidents by position, with their words, their contradictions, their dead and their exiles, are protagonists of a crossing from one age to another, a journey back in time to retrieve ancient roots, find in verses and words the rhythm of drums and the refrain of popular ballads. 

Extracts of famous performances, the speeches of Lenin, Stalin and Kruscev to the nation, the futurist experiments, and the songs of the Red Army move together with fragments of films by Ejzenstejn, archive materials, photographs by Rodchenco and Chaledej, live and re-processed videos, in a musical continuum through which to reinvent associations and narrations, bringing an era and its end back to life, to experience its shocking inheritance.

Concept Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Gianluca Ruggeri Direction Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli Voices Lisa Ferlazzo Natoli, Fortunato Leccese, Emiliano Masala Music direction Gianluca Ruggeri Flutes, Midi devices Gianni Trovalusci Bayan Samuele Telari Viola Luca Sanzò Drums, Live electronics Gianluca Ruggeri Soprano Galina Ovchinnikova Light design Luigi Biondi Pictures Alessandro Ferroni, Maddalena Parise Direction, Sound design Giuseppe Silvi Set consultant Romualdo Moretti Costume consultant Gianluca Falaschi Video consultant Maria Elena Fusacchia Director assistant Camilla Carè Light assistant Francesca Zerilli Pictures assistant Luca Staiano Research consultant Alessio Bergamo, Sasha Arlorio Project assistant Eleonora Semeraro Coproduction Romaeuropa Festival, Ars Ludi Ensemble, lacasadargilla Residence Kollatino Underground, Ars Ludi Studio With the participation of Cineteca di Bologna Support Teatro di Roma Set photographer Sveva Bellucci Staging Maestri di Scena s. r. l.   LA STANZA DELLA RIVOLUZIONE (The Room of Revolution) Recorded voice Elio De Capitani Adaptation of John Reed's Ten Days That Shook the World Silvana Natoli Soundscape Gianluca Ruggeri