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Mattatoio - Teatro 2
October 13th 2019
aerowaves - dance - dance - dancing days


Double Bill: Somiglianza + Cul de sac

A double date with Kor’Sia, the Italian-Spanish company selected by Aerowaves 2019: inspired by the work of sculptor Juan Muñoz, the choreography of Cul de Sacpresents a community of beings confined between four walls, bound to one another by a profound social covenant and motivated by the intent to discover the ultimate meaning of freedom. Instead, Somiglianza is an ironic tribute to Nijinsky’s famous L’après-midi d’un faune. Here, the company bring into question the symbolism of western society by combining the music of Debussy with an exotic scenography, imbued with the imaginary landscapes of the end of the last century.


Antonio de Rosa and Mattia Russo, together with Giuseppe Dagostino, are Kor’sia, a collective that arose from the need to use the body to communicate, and to make themselves visible as creators and performers. The four exude an inner urgency to exploit a language, that of the body, which transcends the limits of verbal communication. The risk of the unexplored is the inertia that inspires their creation, incorporating elements from film, photography, literature and sculpture as references for new forms of expression. Within a realty where our consciousness is fragmented, subdivided into strains of silence and sound, movement and quiet. It is the silence of life that dictates the path of the four members of Kor’sia, who are united by their professional dialogue. They yearn to create and express their opinions and emotions, and through them cause the audience to fall in love, leave their cares at home, and enjoy a refreshing and new experience. The Kor’sia project is both ambitious and difficult, but its principal goal is to partake in an international professional adventure with a long future. Kor’sia has been collaborating openly with other collectives and organizations since 2015. These include the Compañía Nacional de Danza and Spectare, an association dedicated to collaborating on the production and communication side of stage projects. The principle architects behind Kor’sia are Mattia Russo and Antonio de Rosa.


Credits Somiglianza
Choreography: Mattia Russo e Antonio de Rosa
Dancers: Astrid Bramming, Antonio de Rosa, Alejandro Moya, Giulia Russo e Mattia Russo.
Music: Syrinx and L’après-midi d’un faune, Claude Debussy
Costumes: Vanessa Soria Lima e Betto García.
Technic: Meritxell Cabanas

Production: Gabriel Blanco (Spectare)
Management: Celia Zaragoza

Credits Cul de sac

Ideation and choreography: Mattia Russo e Antonio de Rosa in collaborazione con i danzatori
Dramaturgy: María Velasco González
Dancers:  Astrid Bramming, Antonio de Rosa, Agnès López, Alejandro Moya, Giulia Russo e Mattia Russo.
Sound space: Marco Palazzo
Stage design: Mónica Boromello
Lighting design: Luis Martínez
Music: Arvo Part/ varios
Costumes: Kor’sia e Carmen Granel
Technic: Meritxell Cabanas
Female voice: Patricia Rezai
Male Voce: Agustin Aguilò

Photography: © María Alperi
Production: Gabriel Blanco (Spectare)
Management: Celia Zaragoza