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Mattatoio - Foyer
October 11th 2019
dance - dance - dancing days

Hamdi Dridi

Tu Meur(s) De Terre

A second encounter with Hamdi Dridi, this time in a poetic and touching solo that has him narrating the story of his father through movement, while attempting to evoke the body of the parent through his own. “I express pain through my dance, calmly, transforming a tumor into a poem,” says the choreographer. The solo soon becomes a duet between two bodies, between heaven and earth, towards accepting the pain that arises from loss and preparing for the possibility of a next encounter.


Hamdi Dridi starts dancing in Tunis, it’s birth town, in the street. Hip hop creates its supports, its foundations. He then joined the Sybel Ballet Theater Company, directed by Syhem Belkhodja, and after, continued his training with Maguy Marin, at CNDC – Angers. Sensitive to musicality through the use of spoken voice on stage, during performative process, the text gradually takes a singular place in its approach. He enhanced, refined his path of choreographic composition, of creator, within the master Exerce – ICI / National Choreographic Center of Montpellier-Occitanie. He creates then the solo piece TU MEUR (S) DE TERRE, in homage to his father, the house painter who dies in 2014. Hamdi Dridi accosts the value of gesture of dance worker, which becomes recurrent in his choreographic path. Into the next piece, his last creation work, I LISTEN (YOU) SEE – trio, with this background, he designs to tame the body drawing a quality of resistance between gesture and meaning. The circulation of his projects, in the diversity of their approaches, participates as well in his author, creator route, with the urge of quality at work through experimentation, transmission, composition. In 2018, he created Chantiers Publics Cie, based in Montpellier, to support its projects and artist development. Through choreographic multi art acts, Hamdi Dridi proposes himself as an architect of crossed spaces between music, visual art and dance, involving interweaves between these worlds to compose its specific and evolutive choreographic landscapes . The instituting point is to associate workers, artists / technicians, dancers / workers as vectors / actors in this process, through their shared gestures. A meeting space of these different territories, settle in motion to make visible, perceptible, the sensitive, the fragility, connected to the notions of work, of the worker, of the labor, approached in the widest sense possible. Hamdi Dridi, captures the bodies of work, at work, the effort, the pause laps time, the states of bodies related to construction sites, all elements that he assembles to give presence to its choreographic space, into a form of narration associating abstraction and symbolic operant gesture.


Coreography and performer: Hamdi Dridi
In collaboration with: David Millemann (composer at the Pont Superieur in Rennes / music department), Marine Oger and Jean-Charles Bessonneau (Club photo d’Angers)
Immage: Maxime Avon
Production: Cie Chantiers Publics /Hamdi Dridi
With the support of: CNDC – Angers,  Hafiz Dhaou/ Chatha Compagny, William Petit/Fabrik Nomade Company, Gianni Joseph, Seifeddine Manai/ Brotha di Another Motha Compagny


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