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National Premiere

Teatro Vascello
October 16th - 17th 2021
theatre - theatre

Ersan Mondtag

De Living

The intimacy of an ending manifests itself in front of the viewer’s eyes: a woman returns to her house and begins her slow journey towards suicide. But what if time ran out in the opposite direction? What if it was possible to turn back? Two spaces and two time lines symmetrically divide the De Living scene, as if they were a reflection of the other. To inhabit them in the woman’s shoes are twins Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu (exponents of the Belgian hip-hop scene). Considered the most important German director of his generation, Ersan Mondtag builds a stage machine capable of blurring the boundaries between dance, theater and visual arts that undermines our fatalism when confronted by the incomprehensible events of contemporary life. Perched between dream and nightmare, the power of his theatre makes every word superfluous and distills from the destiny of an individual the tragic experience of humanity as a whole.


Directed by: Ersan Mondtag
Performers: Doris and Nathalie Bokongo Nkumu, hip-hop dancers known as Les Mybalés
Composer and Sound Designer: Gerrit Netzlaff
Voce on Radio: Simon Turner
Drammaturgy: Eva-Maria Bertschy
Recitation Coach: Oscar Van Rompay
Movement Coach: Stella Höttler
Scientific Consulting: Benigna Gerisch
Stage and costumes: Ersan Mondtag
Lighting design: Dennis Diels
Director’s assistant: Liesbeth Standaert

Production Credits

Co-productions: La Villette (Paris), Theaterfestival Boulevard (‘s Hertogenbosch), Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin)
With the support of: The Belgian Tax Shelter

Con il sostegno del Goethe-Institut