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In collaboration with Teatro di Roma

Teatro India / Sala A
November 17th - 21st 2021
theatre - theatre

Elvira Frosini / Daniele Timpano



1789. The French Revolution impacts and changes the whole of Europe, laying the foundations for the world in which we live.

But what remains of it 230 years later? Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano, side by side for the first time under the staging of Marco Cavalcoli, return to the REf with their sharp and mercilessly ironic writing, ready, once again, to reveal and umask the Western cultural apparatus with all its symbols and rhetoric, ultimately reaching the core of its founding myths. Past and present, French and Italian history, modernity and post-modernity overlap on stage in a trajectory aimed at undermining the perception of our “democratic” lives and the imaginary concept of revolution.

Is a revolution still possible? And, if so, in what way? Or is it all about an old, twentieth-century concept, that has ended at another moment in time and History?


Drammaturgy and Directed by: Elvira Frosini and Daniele Timpano

Artistic collaboration: David Lescot

With Marco Cavalcoli, Elvira Frosini, Daniele Timpano

Assistant to the Directors and artistic collaboration Francesca Blancato

Lighting Design: Omar Scala

Stage Design and costumes: Marta Montevecchi

Original music and sound design: Lorenzo Danesin

Concept of the manifesto: Valentina Pastorino

Photography: Piero Tauro

Production Credits

Set-up technical coordination: Marco Serafino Cecchi
Set-up Assistant: Giulia Giardi

Care of production: Francesca Bettalli e Camilla Borraccino
Press Office: Cristina Roncucci
Manifesto Visual Identity: Valentina Pastorino

Production: Teatro Metastasio di Prato
In collaboration with: Kataklisma teatro e Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale

Artistic Residencies: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Parigi, Città delle 100 Scale Festival

Thanks to: Compagnie du Kaïros – France

Winner of the Special Mention Franco Quadri in the context of Premio Riccione 2019

Photo Piero Tauro

In collaboration with
Teatro di Roma