Fallen Trees + The Canon
Double Live
Lubomyr Melnyk + Craig Leon

Fallen Trees + The Canon

National Premiere
Fallen Trees + The Canon
September 28th 2019
Auditorium Parco della Musica - Sala Petrassi
from € 16 to € 25
Formula Passepartout

Ukrainian Lubomyr Melnyk (class of 1948) was called “the prophet of the piano” but also “the fastest pianist in the world” and is considered the originator of continuous music: a personal piano language that today boasts many heirs, including Nils Frahm. His last album Fallen Treescelebrates his seventieth birthday and sees the musician composing and interpreting vibrant and energetic pieces.

A different approach to the music of American composer Craig Leon, who is known for launching, among others, the Ramones and Blondie and for his contribution to the evolution of punk and new wave. The master of electronic music returns today with his immersive and hypnotic loops: between analog and digital sound, between global folklore and futuristic landscapes.


Music by : Lubomyr Melnyk, Craig Leon
Performed by: Melnyk (piano); in the second part Craig Leon and Cassel Webb (synthesizers)
Production: Basemental

Saturday 28 20
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