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8 pm | foyer | WARMING UP con Lali Ayguadé

Born Barcelona, 1980, LaliAyguadé’s career includes a series of important collaborations. She studied at Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s school, before joining the Akram Khan Company in 2003 to work on some of the Anglo-Bengali choreographer’s most famous shows: Kaash, Ma, Bahok, Vertical Road and Confluence. In 2010 she was nominated as “outstanding dancer” at the London Critics Awards. In the same year, she founded her own company in Barcelona.

Selected by Aerowaves, the European network set up to promote young choreographers, Kokoro is her first full length choreography, in which all the souls of this versatile artist seem to flow together, bringing her art to life. In fact, the words “soul” and “heart” are the concepts expressed by the complex term used as the title of the work: Kokoro, literally translated as “heart”, is the word used by the Japanese to indicate the soul, feelings, mind and spiritual activity all together.

Four dancers from very different backgrounds support her in her visionary theatre-dance performance: acrobat SergíParés, Diego Sinniger de Salas trained in hip hop, Anna CalsinaForrellad with her particular drama skills and dancer Nick Coutsier. The result is a blend of influences and styles used to tell us about endings, the transformation of love and the ephemeral beauty of human beings.


Duration 60′
Direction Lali Ayguadé

Dancers Anna Calsina Forrellad, Nick Coutsier, Sergi Parés, Diego Sinniger de Salas
Music Josep Baldomà
Scenography Xesca Salvà
Dramaturgy Jordi Oriol Canals
Light design Fabiana Piccioli
Production Elclimamola // Marine Budin, Marcela Imazio
Coproduction Mercat de les Flors, Temporada Alta
Distribution Rotativa Performing Arts // Bernabé Rubio

Photo © Edu Perez