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A dancer is suspended in mid-air. Her movements reverberate in space, moving lines, 3D grids and masses of particles lost in the darkness.

Or perhaps it is the particles that adapt to the body of the dancer, following the forms of her flesh, supporting the trajectories of her arms and legs, a probable reaction to the electronic music environment on stage.

This ambiguous relationship between the body, light, space and gestures characterises Ljós, the latest production by fuse*, an Italian studio founded in 2007 by Luca Camellini and MattiaCarretti with the aim of: “Exploring the expressive possibilities of the creative use of codes and digital technology”. Not just a group of artists, but an ensemble of researchers and media artists, working both in performance production and installations and in the creation of multimedia experiences, software and technological platforms, and the intersection between virtuality and architecture.

Acclaimed for their ability to transport the spectator to a unique, imaginary world, Ljós works thanks to Kinect (a motion sensor device) that captures every movement of the acrobatics by Elena Annovi, the absolute protagonist of this live media performance. The information is sent to a program, designed for the purpose, which in turn responds to the sound input and creates a simultaneous fusion of all the scenic elements. The process was created after a long period of research and trails, and is essential for transforming the work of art into a genuinely immersive and rigorously live experience.

Duration 20′
Production fuse*

Direction, executive production Mattia Carretti, Luca Camellini
Software supervisor Luca Camellini
Software development Paolo Bonacini
IT development Luca Camellini, Matteo Mestucci
Sound design Riccardo Bazzoni
Dancer, Choreography Elena Annovi
Production manager Filippo Aldovini

Photo © Enrico Maria Bertani