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Teatro Argentina
October 4th - 6th 2016


(una commedia organica?)

ORESTEA <br> (una commedia organica?)


(una commedia organica?)
da Eschilo, Lewis Carroll, Antonin Artaud

If any artist has caused theatre to “be elsewhere”, that artist is Romeo Castellucci. This world-famous director broke onto the international scene with a mise-en-scène capable of including all of the arts and interrogating the spectator’s imagination through the works of the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, founded in 1981 with Chiara Guidi and Claudia Castellucci.

ORESTEA (a commedia organica?) was created in 1995, and is one of the most important milestones in the history of the company and the director. Through the Aeschylean tragedy, Romeo Castellucci traces the origins of Western society all the way back to the first development of civilisation. However, the text of Aeschylus is more than just a cultural, hard-copy source. While maintaining the original structure of the tragedy divided into three episodes – Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers and The Eumenides – developing the saga of the House of Atreus with all its passion and hatred, vendettas and parricides, Castellucci’s version transforms the words into an organic body and substance. The show includes the sacrificial nature of myth and ancient rites, the animal instinct in man that breaks free of civilisation, sounds and voices as pathos and confusion, body art and a fairy-tale universe where human bodies are displayed full of their own tragedy.
After 21 years, ORESTEA (a commedia organica?) is back on stage with a new cast and setting: “This theatre embraces the myth as an attitude […] its images are impossible to accept without doubt, but are also impossible to ignore or forget […] watching the play will be like not being able to look away from the Medusa”.

Duration 150′ | act I 60′ – act II and III 70′
By Romeo Castellucci Music Scott Gibbons

The Drama people
AGAMENNONE Loris Comandini EGISTO Georgios  Tsiantoulas, ORESTE Marcus Fassl,
PILADE Antoine Marchand, ELETTRA/ATENA Carla Giacchella, APOLLO Enzo Lazzarini, HERMES Giorgio Consoli
Creative assistant Lights Marco Giusti
Direction of scenic construction Massimiliano Scuto, Massimiliano Peyrone
Direction assistant Maria Vittoria Bellingeri
Tecnic direction Eugenio Resta, Gionni Gardini
Machinist Lorenzo Martinelli, Andrei Benchea, Rei Ota, Stefano Mazzola
Sound technician Matteo Braglia
Lighting technician Danilo Quattrociocchi
Automations Giovanna Amoroso, Istvan Zimmermann
Tooling Vito Matera
Costumes realization Chiara Bocchini, Carmen Castellucci
Production Benedetta Briglia
Promotion and comunication Gilda Biasini, Valentina Bertolino
Amministration Michela Medri, Elisa Bruno, Simona Barducci, Massimiliano Coli
Executive production Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio
In coproduction with Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe; Festival d’Automne à Paris; MC2 GRENOBLE; Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Centre dramatique national de Lyon; La rose des vents – Scène nationale Lille Métropole à Villeneuve d’Ascq; Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg / Scène Européenne; Romaeuropa Festival; TNT – Théâtre national de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées; Théâtre Garonne -scène européenne- Toulouse
We thank for the cooperation the Centro Protesi INAIL, Vigorso di Budrio e ANMIL  
Animals on the scene are provided by Parco Faunistico “Zoo delle star” di Daniel Berquiny, Cirque de Rome di Solovich Dumas
Photo © Guido Mencari (Odéon 2015)